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    can you please help me? I can not chanhe the colors in shopaholics. I import all the demo content and nothingn
    please help

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    Liton Arefin
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    Hello gaben1973,
    Thanks for Purchasing Shopaholic WP Theme. Please send your website access in Private Message. I will fix your problems asap.

    Note: We provide dedicated supports for our clients if something wrong on our Product. Shopaholic has lots of Features with 11 Homepages. We’re working on those, on the meantime it’s normal to remain some bugs. We’re improving on our Quality of Products. Please stay with us.

    I’ve seen that you’ve made a comment not to buy our Theme. I can assure you that you’ll be more than happy with this Product. Just stay with us. Also requesting to withdraw your comment Please, It’ll harm our business.


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