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    How can I show FAQs in custom order?


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    Jewel Theme
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    You can arrange like ID, ASC, DESC etc those available options.

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    Can you elaborate? We want to sort our FAQ’s in the order the questions would typically be asked, not the order we entered them. I don’t want to delete them all and re-add them in the correct order every time we add a new FAQ.

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    Jewel Theme
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    Hello dgreene,
    Yes, I’m explaining the details.
    The Simple way to do this, Create a Category(you want to order) for Specific Types of FAQ’s.
    Like: Cat1 – FAQ 1, FAQ 2 etc…
    Then from Editor’s shortcode you can order them by Ascending/Descending order you’ve choosen on your Category.
    Let me know that, it explains to you or not.


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