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    Hiya, I have purchased the template and am loving working with it, I am quite new to these templates having come from a Serif Webplus background, I am pretty good at editing them to my needs, but I am bit stuck on this would changing the google map to a new location, I would be most grateful if you could give some guidance on how to change this, many thanks Brian

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    Hi Brian,
    Thanks for purchasing MAMA HTML5 Template. Good to know that you’re good and love editing. If you want to change the Google MAP locations.
    Go to search for your desired location. You’ll see the lattitude and longitude in the URL .
    Here Lattitude is: 23.7806365 and Longitude is: 90.4193257
    It may vary with +/- sign.
    Now, open index.html file and see in the footer line#no 357 and 377.
    Place those values in those two locations. Everything will be fine.

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    how do you change out the image under MAMMA settings for the Google Map image?

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