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    Hello there,

    I downloaded your update for the Theme v1.6.0
    But unfortunately there are still some bugs @chrome browser.
    After the update the same bugs are in the mozilla and internet browser too.

    Here some examples:
    The Header/big picture at the top not load correct.
    There is a second picture, which not should appear there. I can´t find it in the backend.

    The section “contact” is after update totally missing. There is only a blank page.

    The shadow effect in the pages is missing after the update.

    Can you take a look and please give me some feedback?
    And you fix that?

    Thank you,

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    after the update to the new theme version, some pages i have created before does´nt work:
    Here the arrows for switching to next page section stack on the left?!
    And some of the content is missing. (for example if you look in the backend on that page in “Half Block Section Content” is an image insert > that´s not shown)

    Same here:
    But here is the whole content mising.

    Can you help me with that issues?
    Thank you,

    Greetings Miriam

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    I saw some additonal problems after updating theme version:
    I can only test the site with an iphone 5s, and there is only the header enable…the other content is grey/not shown.

    Header on iphone is correct:

    other content on the index page is totally missing: (only grey background)

    the pages i created does´nt work on mobile, too.

    Please take a look at this 🙂

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      Hello Mariam,
      Thanks for your suggestion. When we update our theme we mainly focused on scrolling problem that’s why unfortunately some fixing are missed by us. But don’t worry we are working on this hope we will give an update today with your problem and others.

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    ok, thank you for your quick feedback 🙂

    then I stay patient an wait for another update.
    Greetings, Miriam

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    Hi there,

    i have updated to 1.7.0 but the problems i announced at my topic thread do still exist 🙁

    Can you may take a look at this? (If it should be fixed in the update…)

    Thank you!
    Greetings Miriam

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    ahh i actually see: the subpages like


    do work now (after updating) 🙂

    Thanks for that.

    –> only the header /image at the top of my index page is wrong (see screenshot in my first post), and the contact section is not visible.
    Can you please give me some feedback to that?

    Thank you very much.
    Greetings Miriam

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      Hi Mariam,
      You need to set the background image url as #home-section not in .home-section .cd-block. Please set it in your themes.css file line no 488. And about contact section it looks like you maybe remove some section, every section has it’s different class as page-(section-number), in your contact section has number 7 but previous section number is 4. That’s why this section is showing as blank.

      Hope you can understand this.


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      Sean Smith

      I am having the same issues. Are you just updating and not testing.. The updates are making the issues worse and not solving this is costing me money

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    in the theme.css I haven´t change something.
    The settings in line 488 are like this:

    I only change the background image of home section here:

    Can you please explain me, what I have to change in the theme.css?
    I do not understand at the moment.

    Many thanks!!

    With the contact section I will try to check that 🙂 give you feedback asap

    Greetings Miriam

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    your help with the contact section was great 🙂
    Thanks, that works now!

    I only would need some help with the home background image…

    Many thanks,
    Greetings Miriam

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    Just change the .home-section { background: url(change it)…; } or you can replace the image named home.jpg in images folder with which images you want to show in home section.


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    I could fix the home-image problem 🙂
    I simple delete my image in the Backend > MAMA Settings.

    And then I overwrite the home.jpg from your theme at the ftp.

    So i did´nt need to change something in the code 🙂 it now works and all my problems are solved.

    Can you please tell me in which file I can change the data-target ids for the menu on the index page?
    I have to change the ID for contact page there, too. Form 7 to ID 5.

    Thanks for the quick theme Update and solving the issues on chrome.
    Great support!

    Greetings Miriam

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    Hi Sean Smith,
    Due to google chrome update our previous theme is not working in chrome. We’ve update our theme some days ago and we mainly focused on home page scrolling, but there is some responsive and css issues with i-phone and i-pad. We are still working hard on this for our clients satisfaction. We will give an update on themeforest with those issues with in 24 hours. Until then please be patient and co-operate with us.
    Hope that you will understand this.


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