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    I hate to say this because it takes a lot for me to give up on something. I understand a lot of things and pick things up quickly but trying to get this Theme to work properly and stop giving me an error message is making me insane. I would kindly appreciate a full refund of my purchase of “Jewel Blog Pro” I’ve literally tried for two days to make this blog theme work and it just doesn’t want to and this is honestly supposed to be an easy thing to use and so far has been a nightmare. Your theme is gorgeous and that is why I invested in it, but this one just doesn’t want to work. I will however give another Jewel Blog product a try in the future.
    Thank you,
    C Strauss

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    Liton Arefin
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    Hello Cynthia,
    It shouldn’t be like this. Please don’t give up with this Beautiful Theme. I’m here to help you.
    I will fix your problems within few minutes. Please send your FTP and WP Access in Private Message.

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