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    I am trying to prevent that text will move “out of” the comments area when a user adds a long comment text without any spaces (like wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and so on) by adding an overflow: hidden to the description class in comments but no matter where I add it the overflow refuses to work. So text written in the comments without a space in it is moving all through the sidebar and further.

    Can you help me how to prevent the text moving out of the comments div?
    Thanks in advance

    PS: I also tested it in your latest version (1.01) and also there text written without spaces is moving all over the sidebar and further

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    To prevent this you need to set style for this like

    break-word: break-all 


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    Thank you very much, works perfectly!
    I was not aware of this css property, every day we learn 🙂

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