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    In the portfolio-details page how do set the description to scroll.

    Thank You

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    Liton Arefin
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    Hello Greentusk,
    You can use

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    Hi Linton,

    Thanks for the quick response. I notice there is nav buttons in the right corner of the description box on the portfolio-details page, I want to know how can i scroll the description content similar to the “recent projects”.

    Thank You,

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    If you want to navigate another page or page section through those nav icons, then you need to do like this

    Apparently we didn’t use section id in our template except some like banner-slider, you have to set an id for that or you can use the section class both way works well.
    Hope it will work perfect well for you.

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    I want to have multiple descriptions contained within that box which can be navigated using the buttons, similar to how the “related projects” functions, the way it scrolls through the photos but keeps them within the box.

    Thank you

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