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    My website has the following issues:

    – Portfolio page: All that I see are images, and when I click them, they just expand to a larger image. Nothing hyperlinks to the actual portfolio information. I need the images to hyperlink to the page that would show more info about my work, not just open a larger image.

    You can view all the images here:
    But all of the actual content/information is here:

    I’d like, for example, my image about “WOMENSFORUM HER VOTE” to link to but it doesn’t right now.

    – My “Meet Her” or about me page has the “RESUME” button that should appear below my paragraph of text way too low. I need it to be moved higher up and have been unable to figure out how to do so.

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    Hello sharareh.drury,
    We’re in Vacation for our Holy “Eid Festival”. This is our Big event in our Religion. Will you please allow us 7 days to fix your issues? I’ve noted your Ticket. We will fix your issues after our Vacation.
    Please send your FTP and WordPress Admin Username and Password.
    We’ll try to fix your issues asap.

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