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    I’ve purchased Mama theme, opened it from my HDD in the web browser and it looks NOT like a demo!
    The slider works very slowly, logo position is different. I’m very much disappointed.

    Where can I find any default css preferences to make it look EXACTLY like demo but with my own images?!

    Thank you

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    Hello Alessio,
    Thanks for purchasing our theme. You do not provide us any link or screenshot, without it we are blink. Can you provide us your purchase key in private and also send us your access details with page link. Don’t worry we will fix this.


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    Hello Alessio,
    If you told us that you’ve very much disappointed. This is not the solution. Send us the problems. Not any Theme with MAMA you’ll purchase will not be like Demo.
    There needs some configurations, that’s why we have provided Documentation. If you cann’t configure it, send your Purchase key, FTP and WordPress Access. We will do it for you.


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