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    I am busy converting this lovely html template to cotonti and I noticed it is actually lacking a scroll to top function. I have some very long pages so such a feature might be appreciated by my users.
    I was wondering if it is possible to add that by default or do I need an external script?
    To be honest this is the first time I work with Bootstrap and I really do not know if I can just add any external script without it conflicting with bootstrap and its functionality.

    I have checked the bootstrap documentation page and found scrollspy but I do not really understand what I have to add and where in which script (for example this: )

    I hope you can help me.

    PS: I did not add my license key during registration thinking I could add all that later. How can I now proof I bought the template with 12 months support? I seem to be unable to add any license keys to my account now.

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    For your scroll to top please add a div with #scroll-to-top id and a icon inside it in your HTML page’s top or bottom where you want and add some css for it.
    Hope it will work fine if not please send us your ftp details in private we will do that for you.


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    Thank you very much, that worked perfectly.

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    Hello grfoxhound,
    If you like our Support and got helpful. Then please give us a 5 Star Rating on ThemeForest with some comments. It will inspire us a lot to do better work.

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