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    Firstly .. all the stuff here in this forum is very difficult to read. Light grey with font-weight 300 on white background ? Even with my best glasses it needs efforts to decipher the threats here on an Apple Cinema monitor.

    Ok… now about Mama.
    I am the one who needed to implement the Thai fonts. This worked actually very well.

    But… have a look at
    1. The background image on the homepage doesn’t adapt to the browser size. Responsiveness? In your demo it is not a 100% fullscreen, but at least it resizes. Here it doesn’t do that at all!

    2. I tried to set a link in the subtitle (because I need to a link to an English version) – it doesn’t work. Pity, in some themes it is possible to use the .subtitle as a link.

    So I tried to do it the ‘normal’ way

    3. Scroll one slide down – In the Homepage>About section I tried to set in the content a link, but this also doesn’t work. Link is published as HTML. Here it needs to be possible to add just normal content with images, link, etc.

    4. I tried to create a section page from scratch.
    In admin there comes only the part with the right section. The left section is missing.
    Also when I click ‘add new section’ nothing happens.
    In the editor of the right section the ‘Add media’ button is missing. This means I cannot create a section with images or gallery.

    I imported the demo. When I open on the backend the page, then I can see the left and right section and also the ‘Add media’ button is there.
    When i click then the ‘Add new section’ button, it adds only the right section field, Left section and ‘Add media’ button are missing.

    Then about images : I tested how the sections handle images or google maps. (I need to run my own Google maps plugin with a bigger functionality)
    The images were not adapting to the slides. Here I used a placeholder image 1500×1500 with red frame – you can see in the attachment that it didn’t adapt to the slide size.
    Then There is always a 10px padding. For text content this is ok, but does that mean that images are not enlarged to full width/height (like in your demo) and that I need to write for every section-id with a fullwidth image a custom CSS ?

    So this just for the start … it’s honestly a bit shocking and now I hope, that you keep your promise of giving a dedicated support, so that there will be in the end a similar result like in your demo.


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    I checked again on your demo … the background picture doesn’t resize. So there I was wrong.
    Would be good if it would adapt to browser size like in so many fullscreen themes.

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    Hello nuriji,
    Please send your WordPress user admin access and FTP access in Private. I will fix problems in my products, but it doesn’t mean that I will give you customization support for free. As I promised, I will setup your Font for free. And if there problems in my Theme, I will definitely fix them. But for extra customizations, normally I take charges.

    Noted your issue about Background Images. I will give this feature in next update.

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