Update : WP Awesome FAQ PRO V-2.0.0

We have recently updated WP Awesome FAQ PRO licence and if you are a free user of this plugin, your data will automatically add when you install the PRO version of WP Awesome FAQ.

Update Licence: For single domain use you have to buy "Single Domain" licence. If you need WP Awesome FAQ PRO for 2-5 domains you have to buy "2-5 Domains" licence. If you need this plugin for more than 5 domain you have to buy "Unlimited Domains" licence.

Free Version to Premium Version user: You  are a free version user and you have arranged your all FAQ's into the free version. Now you want to move yourself into premium version but you are thinking that is the free version FAQ's will be deleted after active premium version? The answer is. NO. Your free version FAQ's will automatically appear into the premium version.

Buy WP Awesome FAQ PRO

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