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10 Facts Why WordPress is a Better CMS Than Drupal ?

The importance of having a successful website should be well-known especially if you are marketing your business online. In the technological era of advancement, relying on a Content Management System (CMS) turns out to be a wise decision because these platforms are featured with advanced functionalities to attract the online consumers. Out of so many effective CMS platforms, the two major ones used these days are WordPress and Drupal but WordPress has gained significant importance over the past few years owing to the added number of features. This post shares some extra functional features which WordPress has, making it a preferred choice amongst online business owners.

Why WordPress is a Better CMS Than Drupal –

User Friendliness

Featured with an intuitive and simple user interface, WordPress allows designing websites which are less complicated, user-friendly and interactive as far as enhancing user experience is concerned. Being self-explanatory in nature, WordPress websites significantly improve the navigation experience of users and allow them to browse easily, thus increasing website conversions, giving you more of what you actually want from your website.

Responsive Design

WordPress Themes come with a responsive design that makes your site cross-browser compatible, thereby extending its functionalities. Mobile website usage is exploding and if you think that your website acquires a huge number of mobile traffic, you should definitely opt for WordPress Themes which are designed to be mobile friendly. It means that your customers won’t find it challenging to use your website on their smartphones. This, in turn, allows easy accessibility from anywhere further maximizing brand awareness, consumer loyalty and better interaction on the go. 

Can be used for designing both blog and websites

Initially, WordPress started as a blogging system but now it has evolved into a full-featured web content management system. This gives an opportunity to use WordPress to manage your whole website, not just the blog. Drupal, on the other hand, does not have this exclusive feature which makes it not as popular as WordPress.

Enabled with Plugin Extended Functionalities


WordPress is packed with several number of website designing features which can further be extended with the usage of plugins available. These plugins extend the functionality of WordPress platform. With the introduction of WordPress plugins, the life of developers, designers, and even newbies has become so easy. WordPress offers plugins for extending SEO functionalities, Social Media Optimization, spam protection, fine tune controls and forms. So, whether you need a simple contact form or a full-featured website, there is a plugin available to meet your business needs specifically.  

Fully Compliant With W3C Coding Standards

Every single bit of coding with which WordPress Coding is written is in compliance with W3C valid markup. Hence, it will definitely increase your chances of getting indexed and come into top search rankings. Additionally, W3C validation coding makes your website look and function consistently on any device or browser used by visitors.

Search Engine Optimized


WordPress as a popular CMS allows you to design websites optimized for all acceptable search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Mozilla FireFox, and so on. In order to extend the functionality of your website for superior performance on search engines, you can even try out some useful plugins from WordPress like Yoast SEO, SEO Ultimate, SEO Widget, DELUCKS SEO, and so on.

Easy to Manage and Update

Creating a website on WordPress does not require any specific technical expertise. All you need is an Internet connection to design your own website. Compared to Drupal, WordPress is quite easier and quick to learn.  

WordPress Community

Being the most popular open source CMS, WordPress has a community which is vibrant and supportive. Whether it’s about asking a question in support forums or attending an online meet-up, the community is at the heart of WordPress.

Better Customization

With WordPress, you can gain multiple options for customizing your site and it gives you more control to change images, colors, layout, and sidebars, which is not easy in case of Drupal. Many of the tools provided by WordPress make it much easier than options given to users of Drupal.  

Affordable Cost

WordPress is not only easy to understand and learn but it also carries an added advantage by being affordable when compared to Drupal. Drupal developers have to go through the steep learning curve of getting to know Drupal and therefore, they look for payback. Drupal costs a lot more than WordPress.

Let’s Wrap Up!!! 

In a nutshell, considering the reasons given above, you should go for a CMS which suits your business requirements and offers the maximum advantage to your business. You need to look at the features, capabilities, and ease of use to choose the CMS which best fits your skills and requirements.

Author Bio: Bryan Lazaris is a Senior WordPress developer at HireWebDeveloper who holds profound experience in WordPress web development. He is passionate about writing blogs that cover all the new and needed topics of his field of experience i.e WordPress. His write-ups are well awaited by readers across different parts of the world.  

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