WordPress 4.9 features

Coolest Features In WordPress 4.9 Ever

WordPress is bringing tons of cool feature in the 4.9 version. WordPress 4.9 Beta is available for testing. We are going to tell you most of all features step by step.

WordPress 4.9 will be the evolution of customizer. Non-coder guy going to fall in love with this version. After check out the following key points, you will understand why I’ve mentioned the evolution of customizer.

Let’s see some amazing cool feature and don’t forget to watch the GIF file carefully.

Draft & Schedule for Customizer: Now you don’t need to finalize any customization rapidly to publish it. You can think carefully and save it as a draft. If you like to celebrate anything and offer anything special design to your audience then you can use the schedule option too.

Draft and Schedule for Customizer

Front End Preview Edit via Customizer: Now you able to see everything what are you doing. It’s easy to change widgets content, Title, Subtitle, logo from the WordPress Customizer. Click on the edit icon and change what you need.

Front End Preview Edit via Customizer

Text Widget Supports Shortcode: Do you like to showcase anything into your sidebar via shortcode? WordPress 4.9 makes it possible for you. Just add a text widget to your sidebar and copy paste the shortcode. Check the following image and see how the contact form 7 works perfectly on the sidebar.

Text Widget Supports Shortcode

Additional CSS in Customizer: There are many people who love to style their website with custom CSS code. By default, you will get additional CSS option in the customizer. Just use your CSS knowledge and style your website.

Additional CSS in Customizer

User control: After adding a user from the Dashboard, the user must need to verify his or her email id. WordPress will send an email verification link automatically.

Control Menu via Customizer: The Customizer will give you full control to arrange menu. No need to go to Appreance>Menus for creating a new menu or updating existing menu. WordPress improves the flow for creating new menus in the Customizer. Take a look at the section Front End Preview GIF image.

It brings some other cool features for Media, Multisite, REST API, Role/Capability. Most of all user definitely fall in love with the update and it will make life easier than before. Especially, the customizer improvement seems the best update ever.


  1. Awesome articles. I have one questions. If I put custom CSS on customizer, do I lose those if I update the main theme?

    • No, you’ll not lose anything for Theme Update.

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