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WordPress Blogging Tips To Improve Search Engine Visibility

SEO holds immense importance for ranking your well-searched WordPress posts higher in the search results. Additionally, the rise of social media marketing has offered a whole new world of opportunities to be explored by the SEO professionals. Therefore, till the additional part of SEO is alive, which includes content marketing, it is not going to die anyways.

The current search engine strategies are only going to evolve into better techniques that would also promise for higher ranking of your WordPress posts. Some of the major blogging tips (that we are going to explain further in the post) will not only help in improving the overall traffic towards the websites but also additionally contribute to leads and revenues.

For leading the charts in the SEO ranking, guest blogging finds an imperative place. It is an opportunity that is leveraged on the guest bloggers to speak their hearts out about any trending topic. To get the best results out of such blogging practices, you must have the additional knowledge about the strategies.

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Here is the brief about these strategies:

1. Be wise while choosing the articles from guest bloggers

Relevancy in the write-ups is the first rule to do the business correctly. It makes sense to advertise the information if and only if it is going to boost your business among the online readers obviously with high-quality content.

The articles that are talking well about the trends, news and additional info that is being broadcasted on your websites is good to be posted. On the other hand, it makes no sense to devoting your time to publish something that is in no manner related to your website.

2. Keep an eye on the Duplicate Content

Duplicate content is a big no when you are hunting for the treasured top position in the SEO results. One thing to keep in the mind is to publish the content that is unique. Additionally, it is important to avoid keyword stuffing as it may lead the post to face a downfall in the ranking.

Google is preparing to determine the ranking of posts with the lesser known criteria such as the age of the domain, duplicate content, meta description, and tags. If a website fails in getting success in any of the criteria, it won’t get the prized place over the web.

3. Give a try to the CND

It is a technique that stands for “content delivery network”. It is one of the ways for the content to get cached on the websites. It further helps the content to feature as it is, across the internet. CND helps in a number of ways.

The best thing about using this technique is that the practice helps websites load faster on the servers as an effect of decreased loading time on the server. Loading speed of websites does affect the overall ranking; therefore, good CND in practice is always going to bring out fruitful results.

4. Correct Title/Heading

The title tags or the headlines of the posts play an imperative role as it is the first thing that search engines will be looking at while determining the “about” of the page. Additionally, it is also the first thing that visitors will notice when they will visit any specific page. Because of this reason, headlines with one or two keywords is a must.

Make engaging titles that are also relevant to the post. Justifying your title matters when you are hunting for the top search engine position. Moreover, appropriate headline tags are another important factor for web crawlers to access the site with ease.

5. Comment monitoring

Monitoring the comments from the readers/bloggers has got greater importance in the overall search engine ranking of the posts. Responding to the comments regularly on the posts increases the social media interaction and elevates the chances of featuring in the top search list.

It is also a way to increase the guest bloggers’as well as readers’ engagement over the websites. More readers, more shares and more social networking exposure, all these elements are going to help the posts get higher ranking over the web.

6. Images Optimization and internal linking

Image optimization in the form of alt tags is an alternative to help browser render an image well. The alt tags (that is the text that the search engine uses to understand images) and the title (the title of the image) can be embedded to appear when the mouse is hovered over the image. This attribute adds SEO value to the post in the form of better ranking. It is also important to reduce image size along with posting unique images. SEO friendly images, a plugin is all there to help in the endeavor.

Internal linking, on the other hand, helps interlink the pages of the same domain. Internal linking helps the users well navigate the websites. In addition to this, it also boosts the chances for better SEO ranking. Try to make the as much informative as it can.

7. Categorization & Tagging

If we take this approach in a literal sense, tags can be linked to the index of a book and categories are like a chapter in the same. Moreover, the categorizing practice is going to add additional pages and a bunch of content that has already been shared over the write-up. Thus, creating the problem of duplicated content. Hence, it is recommended to be wise in the approach.

Tags, on the other hand, help to categorize the information in a more precise manner. Tagging is more helpful in the form of user-defined categorization. With tags, specific detailing can be done for services/products.

8. Author section

The best way to manage the requests from the guest authors is by making separate accounts for them wherein they can submit their write-ups. Depending upon the relevancy of the posts, you can pick, review and choose to publish the post on your website. It will save the time and the additional efforts of reading the mails from each of the authors.

Google has also given importance to the author section as it helped the giant search engine to identify authors and managing their identities. This form of interaction got much popular over Google+. It features the expertise of the authors along with their images.

9. Add your posts to social networks

It is good to share the post on social platforms. It will reach to more readers. Additionally, it is going to increase traffic on your blogging site that will help your post as well as the website rank on search engines. You can also utilize plugins for the same. Try using WP social plugin for managing the task efficiently.

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Adding the related posts to social networking sites is a change for the websites to enhance the visibility over the web. As much as the post will be shared, the better visibility it will have on different networking sites.

Moreover, there are additional plugins to do the task efficiently. Moreover, sharing the post over social platform will bring the post into the light of more audiences who may additionally comment on the same. It also benefits the posts to rank exceptionally well.

10. Make sure that you are good at SEO plugins

Plugins are just great when it comes to doing any kind of SEO task whether related to the ranking, adding posts to other networks, providing visibility to the websites, editing any section over the websites or accomplishing the SEO part of the websites efficiently. There is a plugin for every single task that has just been described here. For better page ranking, choose SEO ultimate plugin.

It all depends upon the correct usages of the SEO plugins. If the job is done efficiently, it can exceptionally help WordPress posts rank well, which is the ultimate aim of publishing any content on the websites.

Wrap Up

It brings the end to the most useful WordPress blogging tips that help SEO professionals improve the search engine visibility of their websites. However, it is important to study all these elements in deep prior to using.

Author Bio: Tom Hardy is a dedicated blogger at Sparx IT Solutions, who is engaged in studying the trends to enhance the engagement of readers on WordPress websites. His ideal thoughts always find a place in efficient blogs that help readers get authentic information.

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