WordPress Calypso Project

Why WordPress Calypso Project Is The Future of WordPress?

The current year seems to be pretty exciting for WordPress as it saw the launch of the long-awaited WordPress Calypso project. Calypso, being the latest WordPress interface, is getting very much popular among the developers for obvious reasons. The Future WordPress is going to depand on Calypso. This new interface has been introduced with a lot of improvements for the users, particularly in the REST API. In order to get the benefits of Calypso, users need to install as well as activate the WordPress.com desktop app or else log into the WordPress.com and manage their self-hosted sites from there. However, in both the cases, users need to install Jetpack for easy management.

The WordPress Calypso Project

WordPress Calypso has been introduced with the specific features to add more to the users’ experience while interacting with the new interface. However, there are still some areas that are needed to be specific for the users. While we get new updates on this new interface, here is a highlight on the existing features:

An Intuitive Interface

Intuitive Interface


The new WordPress.com interface is a lot faster and a fun experience to work with. It helps to focus on the writing and that’s exactly why WordPress has been made. The app that has currently been made available to the Mac users would be soon launched to other platforms.

Helps Managing and Editing Posts

Managing and Editing Posts


The new WordPress interface is also exceptional as it helps in managing all the websites including the WordPress.com as well as self-hosted ones. Calypso has originally been designed as an admin interface and thus, the users visiting the related websites would never see a PHP-powered page as Calypso makes the use of Jetpack along with REST API.

Creating and Editing Menus

Creating and Editing Menus


The new WordPress interface offers much easier option to create and edit menus simply by visiting the admin menu. The direction has already been posted, as, for example, if you wish to create posts, simply clicking on the add button is enough to view the new post screen and edit the menu further for more custom results.

Installing Themes and Plugins

Themes and Plugins


WordPress Calypso helps in managing the site setting along with the option of installing themes and plugins. Through the admin screen in your main site, the task can be accomplished with ease. In addition to this, there are more customization options available for the users to  personalize the website.

Calypso is scheduled to take WordPress to the new heights

Calypso is the beginning of a whole new WordPress interface and it is just a glimpse of what is stored there for WordPress in future. The usage of REST API is sure to bring solutions to the current Calypso problems and bring a whole new exciting experience for the users. If Matt Mullenweg is to be believed, Calypso has got the potential to increase the WordPress market share and be prominent in the years to come.

The Jetpack inclusion with the new WordPress interface has also made this new platform full of promising features. Thus, Calypso is going to be more feature-packed in the near future. The open source platform will also receive updates from the vibrating WordPress community that is adding to the benefits of Calypso for the users.


jetpack WordPress Plugin



Let’s Wrap UP!!!

With all the features that have been listed above, the new WordPress interface Calypso is more promising and user centric. However, it needs to evolve more in order to become a complete interface. Currently, it has shown some of the existing features that WordPress was missing till the launch of Calypso. Thus, the new interface is a whole new beginning of an exceptional WordPress interface. In addition to this, WordPress Calypso is an open-source interface; hence, developers from different zones are sure to add more to the user-centric features of this interface.

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  1. WordPress Calypso is an open-source interface.

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