WordPress Database Security Settings

Better Optimization For WordPress Database Security Settings

WordPress Login page security, Theme Security, Plugin security are important, but WordPress Database Security is also same important. The Database always controls your WordPress website.

I suggest you to make your Database Secure from the hackers. This is the advanced section for WordPress Website Security. If you don’t know about Database clearly please contact with an advanced Developer or make a custom job for us into Envato Studio. We will do the job for your WordPress Website.

Perfect Optimizing Your WordPress Database

Change the default Table Prefix: Many people forget to rename the Table Prefix after installing WordPress perfectly. Do you know that, every single information of your site stored in the Table Prefix. These are the favourite target of any hacker. Changing the default Table Prefix is one of the best ways for protecting a WordPress website. Read this tutorial for changing your Table Prefix.

Schedule weekly backup of the database: I prefer two plugins for schedule my personal WordPress site backup. These Plugins are free for use. You can Download these Plugins from WordPress Plugin Directory. BackUp WP and WP DB Backup, use any of them.

Use Strong Password: In a Previous post, I have mentioned how to make a strong Password for WordPress Security.

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