5 Best WordPress Discussion Board Plugin

Are you planning to make a new online brand for selling goods? While creating a new website for your business, make sure that you have a great forum where your user able to ask you anything.

The discussion board is necessary for any type of service provider website or product selling the online store. It helps your product or service user to discuss with your support team.

There are a lot of plugins in WordPress Directory. Selecting the suitable one always not so easy. Some plugins may not compatible with your Theme. Before selecting a final plugin, make sure it has all possibilities to make your happy.

If you want to design your personal forum then you must need a Discussion Plugin. A Plugin is the base of your forum, If you know the basic of HTML and CSS then you can style the forum as you want.


BBPress forum plugin definitely the best option to you for creating a forum on your website. If you take a look at WordPress plugin directory will see a lot of forum plugins there. But the BBPress become popular because of it's easy customization and functionality. Anyone can maintain a forum with this plugin.

BBPress Extension For Visual Composer (Paid)

It will enhance the usability of your Forum. There are many Visual Composer Fan over the world. If you have developed your Website with BBPress + Visual Composer then you can try this extension. Before buy this premium extension don't forget to check the backend look and you will understand how it works.

Login URL: http://anpsthemes.com/codecanyon/bp_for_vc/wp-login.php

Username: demo password: demo

DW Question & Answer Plugin

It's a great QA plugin for your WordPress Website. If you like a clean design for your QA forum then it's the perfect one. It has some other free and premium extension too. Generally, you don't need the extension, but if you want more feature then you should buy the extensions.


It's a great social networking tool to enhance your business support quality. It's a perfect plugin for School, College or Event Forum. You can create a group then start gossiping with one another. It's a mini private social network. It has a lot of free extensions. You don't need to buy anything if you are going to use BuddyPress for your Forum.

CM Answers

It's a super plugin which allows you to arrange your forum with voting, moderation, notifications, access control and more. User can easily upload files to explain any problem in details. It's quite similar to Reddit or Stackoverflow. It's compatible with any WordPress Theme and provides voting system too.

WP Symposium Pro-Social Network plugin

It's a perfect alternative Plugin of BuddyPress. This is the ultimate social network plugin for WordPress installed Website. It has a lot of features but within the free version, you may not able to use all of these. It will ask you upgrade to bronze membership.  But it has some awesome feature like events, gallery, alert and so on.

Let's Wrap UP!!!

So, these all 5 best WordPress Forum Plugin. Personally, I recommend BBpress and BuddyPress for your Website Forum. You will get tons of extension for this two plugins. Their support forum also very active. Other plugins also perfect.

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