WP Awesome FAQ Plugin Crossed 50,000+ Downloads !!!

We happily inform you that we are very happy to see WP Awesome FAQ Plugin crossed 50,000+ total Downloads today. Thank you all guys for using our Free and Premium WP Awesome FAQ Plugin.

We have added some special features in this new version. If you are a latest version user, you may notice the new features.

Shortcode Button In New Version

We have added a shortcode button into Page / Post editor. Now you don't need to remember any shortcode for using this awesome FAQ Plugin. Click this Shortcode Button and put your categories ID for creating categorized FAQ or you can insert all FAQ's too. We have added these features specially for you.

Changed FAQ Border & Use Standard Color

We have fixed the FAQ's border and use a standard color in this latest version.  Take a look at the following image and you can realize how many changes done by us.

Awesome FAQ Support Forum is always open for you. If you have any problem or any Idea about this Awesome FAQ Plugin, Please inform us and we will take care you.

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