10 HTML6 Features

A Journey Into HTML6 : What Features We will Get in HTML6?

A Discussion about HTML6 Features. 

“HTML5” was a great blessing for Web Developers. It had been introduced the Developer with some new tag like <header>,<nav> and <footer>. It has also provided us some JavaScript API like Drag and Drop, localStorage, and geolocation.

Just imagine, if the present code structure changed, do you like it or not? For Example, <div id=”container”> to <container>, doesn’t it looks good. Look at the following calendar for better example.

If you can access your desired media with <html:media src=”audio-file.aac” type=”aac”> type of code, how you feel?

It will be better if we go to a full example of HTML6. Now we are digging into a full example of HTML6.

10 key Features of HTML6

Hope you have realized the basic of HTML6 with these examples into the introduction of this post. Now we are digging into the advanced key features of HTML6.

Dedicated Libraries

As a Web Developer, you know that JavaScript has been transformed by jQuery. HTML6 will provide a strong and dedicated libraries for the Web Developer. There is some website who use cacheable versions of the certain libraries hosted by the popular company like Google and Yahoo. But, HTML6 will do something better this system.

Camera Integration

Today we use camera and microphone for connecting with our friends and family. Without the microphone, we can not think a single day of our present life. HTML6 will bring revolution in this section. HTML6 will help us to easily access to all media content which are stored in our device. You will get better control into your camera and microphone with HTML6. Different types of special apps make a website better.

Pluggable Pre-processors

Present HTML version also provides Pre-processors. HTML6 will improve this code optimization. It will open a new window of coding for Web Developer. Within a short time, you will able to create a layout of a website with HTML6.

Pluggable Languages

Do you like Javascript and love to work with it? If yes, you can make something awesome in this present days. But if you don’t, you can not complete your website project. All browsers always speak with Javascript. Without Javascript, you browser will stop speak. I mean, you can not make a perfect website without javascript.
HTML6 comes with effective & pluggable languages. This will be best for all web developer. They will able to create unique designs within a few time. All browsers will easily implement this feature within a few steps.

Better Annotation

A better HTML structure supports article annotations through paragraphs, sentences, and words too. But the present Developers are always looking for a dynamic and powerful version, which provides annotations to images and videos. This HTML6 will provide annotations to images and videos.

Hardened Authentication

The Web Browser needs to provide high & fast authentication while accessing HTML6. The trusted software will help the browser and site to work perfectly. The browser can offer sign tokens with embedded keys rather than cookies.

More Control over Video Object

The modern world is always looking for additional control over the video on the web pages. At present this is available with just a rectangle that packs a set frame from a specific video. This is across with a text track annotation, subtitles etc. But HTML6 embrace callback hooks and synchronization mechanisms. This will be very helpful to come up with world class videos.

Stronger Micro-formats

There are different types of HTML tags for headlines, paragraphs, and footers. It’s very necessary to build a standard web page details sections like address or phone number. Standard tags will not only boost your website quality and speed but also speed up search engines. You can specify locations, times, dates, selling products and etc with HTML6.

Browser-sizing of imagery

Do you know what pixel is perfect for the best view of an image into mobile, laptop, PC and other devices? The perfect look always varies from device to device. The HTML6 will suggest a desired width or height for the best look of an image.

Better Contact Information

You have noticed that the browser shared location information. Sometimes we like to pull our email or phone number for the device’s database of contact information. Now we have to cut and paste it. HTML6 will really make a Better Contact Information system.

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