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Copy, Paste & Spread the Word

Copy anything to your clipboard in #1 Click.
No more hassle for visitors to make a selection before copy.


Introducing a new Sharing Experience

Discover how our Copy To Clipboard plugin will save time to copy and share
text, blockquotes, coupon codes, and more with a single click.

quick setup

One-Click Copy

Copy text, quotes, codes, and more with a simple click, saving your visitors time and effort.

Master Block Easy to use

Versatile Content Support

Copy different types of content, including text, blockquotes, codes, emoji, and images for easy sharing.

clean code

Customizable Buttons

Customize the copy button to perfectly align with your website's branding and design, delivering a smooth user experience.

Custom CSS on all block and column

Copy Confirmation

We present an informative confirmation when they successfully copy content. These notices ensure that the copy is successful.

Cross Domain copy paste from Master Blocks

Mobile-Friendly Design

Experience copying across all your devices, whether you're on your desktop or using your mobile. Copying and pasting have never been so easy!

Build For Performance

Copy Protection

With optional copy protection settings, you can confidently share your valuable materials while preventing unauthorized copying.

Easy Content Sharing on Your Website!

Discover the Copy to Clipboard Plugin and allow your visitors to copy anything

Boost Sharing Power

Copy to Clipboard Plugin helps Your Website's Content Spread Far and Wide!

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