User Role Editor for better management

RoleMaster Suite the best user role management and access control plugin. Create, modify, and assign capabilities, ideal for ecommerce and membership sites.

User role Editor plugin

Key Benefits

Precision Control Over Your WordPress Admin Bar

Custom User Role

Set up new roles for users and remove them easily to manage your site’s team.


Adjust user permissions effortlessly, granting or revoking access to features as your website grows.

Duplicate User Role

 Quickly create a copy of an existing role, making role management efficient and straightforward.

Rename User Role

Update the names of user roles to better reflect their responsibilities or position.

Easy UI

 Our user interface is designed for simplicity, making role management accessible to everyone.

User Levels Selection

 Assign appropriate access levels to users, ensuring a secure and organized website structure.

Ecommerce & Membership

Perfect for online stores and membership sites, providing tailored access for different user roles.

Capability in Existing Role

 Enhance existing user roles by adding new capabilities, customizing access to your site’s needs.

One click selection

 Easily manage user permissions with a single click, simplifying the process of role assignment.