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Make your WordPress experience smoother and more personalized with the Admin Bar Editor plugin. This handy plugin allows you to customize your Admin Toolbar easily. Whether you’re working on the backend or frontend, you can add, organize, and modify menu items to fit your needs.

With the Admin Bar Editor, you can:

  • Hide or show any item on the Admin Toolbar.
  • Add custom links and submenu items to enhance navigation.
  • Rename, change icons, and update links for existing menu items.
  • Control visibility based on user roles or specific usernames.
  • Reorder items with a simple drag-and-drop action.

Hide Admin Bar Items (Backend)

Easily manage your Admin Toolbar by turning off items you don’t need. Just flip the switch to hide any item or its submenus, while keeping the main menu visible.

Hide Admin Bar Items (Frontend)

Similar to the backend, selectively hide items on the frontend. Plus, enjoy the added ability to dynamically conceal the entire Admin Toolbar.

Disable Frontend Admin Bar 

Activate the “Disable Frontend Admin Bar?” feature to access additional settings. Choose to hide the Admin Bar for all users or guests, based on your needs.

Disable For specific User Role 

Prefer to hide the Admin Bar for certain roles? Simply add a new condition and select the roles that should not see the Admin Bar.

Disable for specific User name

Gain even more control by hiding the Admin Bar for individual usernames. Set conditions based on usernames to personalize the toolbar for each user.

Customize Existing Admin Bar Items

Modify the Admin Bar to your liking. Rename items, update icons, links, add submenus, and more, for both the frontend and backend.

Change Menu Title - Change any menu title by entering your preferred text in the “Menu Title” field.

Hide based on user role or User name - Choose to hide items from specific user roles or usernames with the “Hidden For Rules” feature.

Change Menu Link - Need a different menu link? Insert your new URL in the “Menu Link” field to redirect as needed.

Set custom Icon - Explore our icon library, including Dashicons, Simple Line Icons, Themify Icons, and Icomoon Icons, or upload your own with the “Set Custom Icon” feature.

Customize Submenu Items 

Navigate to the “Submenu” tab to view and adjust your submenu items. Rename, set new links, change icons, or limit access by user role or username.

Add Submenu items 

Introducing the ability to add sub-items under any menu. Simply provide the Menu Title, Link, Icon, and visibility rules to create your submenu structure.

Top Secondary Group (Backend)

Your Admin Toolbar’s right side is neatly organized under the “Top Secondary Group.” By default, it features the “Howdy Admin” menu, providing quick access to your profile and logout options. If you’ve installed additional plugins that have an Admin toolbar item on the right side, their items will also appear here.

Add custom links 

To enhance your toolbar, click “Add Sub Items” and fill in the required fields, similar to adding submenu items. Save your changes, refresh your Dashboard, and you’ll notice new menu links next to the “Howdy” greeting. You can also nest submenu items within these new links.

Top Secondary Group (Frontend)

The frontend mirrors the backend’s efficiency, displaying the “Howdy” greeting alongside a search bar by default. Here, you can also add custom links and submenu items, starting from the third child level, utilizing all the features available for backend menu item additions.

Add Item in Admin Bar

Easily add custom links or menu items to your Admin Toolbar. Choose the Backend or Frontend tab in the options panel where you’d like to add custom links. Click “Add Item” and a Custom Menu will appear immediately. Fill in the details such as Menu title, Link, Icon, and display conditions to complete the setup.

Add submenu items under the custom menu - Once your main custom menu is in place, you’ll find a “Submenu” option next to its settings. Click there to add as many submenus as you need. Currently, you can insert submenu items starting from the third level.

Drag and Drop Admin Bar Items

For optimal organization, you might want to rearrange the admin bar items. Whether it’s prioritizing essential items or grouping similar ones, our drag and drop feature makes it easy. Look for the nine-dot icon next to each admin bar item, excluding the Top Secondary group. Click and drag the item to your preferred location.

Did we miss anything?

The Admin Bar Editor plugin helps you to take control of your WordPress Toolbar. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this plugin simplifies admin bar customization. Hide unnecessary items, add custom links, and organize your toolbar easily. If you still think we are missing something, please let us know your requested feature in detail, and we will try our best to develop your idea.

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Updated on April 30, 2024

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