Add Multiple Marker in Map

Adding multiple markers to maps serves several purposes, enhancing the functionality and visual appeal of the map:

Location Identification: Clearly identify and showcase multiple points of interest, such as business locations, event venues, or key landmarks.

Route Planning: Facilitate route planning for users by indicating starting points, destinations, and waypoints along a journey.

Geographical Diversity: Highlight geographical diversity by mapping out different regions or areas of interest within a specific location.

Interactive Information: Provide interactive information for users to explore diverse content associated with each marker, such as descriptions, images, or links.

Visual Storytelling: Enhance visual storytelling by showcasing a collection of locations, creating a dynamic narrative within the map.

Comprehensive Overview: Offer a comprehensive overview of various locations, allowing users to grasp the spatial context of your content.

Enhanced User Experience: Increase user engagement by offering a rich and informative map experience with multiple markers.

How to Add Multiple Markers using Mapfy Plugin?

If you have activated Mapfy plugin and added "Mapfy" blocks in your editor, then you able to see a "Marker" option on the block settings panel. Click on this option first.

Markers Option in Mapfy

Add new marker in Map

Just click on "Add Marker" button. You will see a popup to input your locations, latitude & longitude, Tooltip Content, Tooltip image,Tooltip width, and a custom marker image.

Add Multiple Marker button

Input the value of your Marker properly and then click on "Save & Close" button.

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Updated on December 4, 2023

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