Fix API KEY for Google Maps

How To Fix API KEY for Google Maps Problem?

Many people are facing a problem with Google Maps. After the Google API update, this problem becomes a major problem for the people who showcase their maps location in Website. If you are a developer then it’s very easy to fix for your Website. But if you are not a developer then you have to take help from a WordPress plugin named API KEY for Google Maps. Simply install and active

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Improve WordPress Site Rank

Top 10 Techniques To Improve WordPress Site Rank

None of us can deny the fact that building a WordPress- powered website is a cakewalk even for those people who are not knacked technically. But maintaining and optimizing its rank in SERP is not an easy to achieve thing. It’s very necessary to know how to Improve WordPress Site Rank?. Undoubtedly, a WP website with a higher ranking is a key to attaining success on the web in terms

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WordPress Blogging Tips

WordPress Blogging Tips To Improve Search Engine Visibility

SEO holds immense importance for ranking your well-searched WordPress posts higher in the search results. Additionally, the rise of social media marketing has offered a whole new world of opportunities to be explored by the SEO professionals. Therefore, till the additional part of SEO is alive, which includes content marketing, it is not going to die anyways. The current search engine strategies are only going to evolve into better techniques

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Yoast XML Sitemap 404 Error

Fix Yoast XML Sitemap 404 Error Problem?

Yoast is an outstanding SEO Plugin for WordPress User. But you may face a problem with XML Sitemap. When you try to get your sitemap in, it shows you a 404 page. At First, I like to inform you that, it’s neither your Yoast SEO Plugin Problem nor WordPress problem. It’s a very simple issue of your permalinks. I am going to show you how you can fix this

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Common WordPress Theme Errors

5 Common WordPress Theme Errors Need to Troubleshoot

If you love experimenting with your WordPress website codes, or quite often update your website theme, then you may encounter some unexpected error(s). This post based on 5 Common WordPress Theme Errors you must need to solve. In case, you stumble across an error, then there is nothing to fret since most of the errors are solvable. Through this post, I would like to bring to your attention some of

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Creating a Custom Wordpress Theme

Creating a Custom WordPress Theme from the Ground Up

If you have been wanting to own a personal blog that would serve as an outlet for your poetic thought/political opinions/movie reviews, there are a whole lot of options available for you to begin with. However, when being known as a serious publisher is on your agenda, WordPress happens to be the de facto most recommended content management system. But, what if you don’t want it to leave it to

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Search Engine Friendly Backlinks

5 Step For Getting Search Engine Friendly Backlinks

Hey DUDE 😀 , as you are reading this article I know you are an SEO optimizer or Affiliate Marketer and You always need the search engine friendly backlinks. Am I right? I know you will say yes.  Let’s dig into some step and you will able to gain best backlinks for your site. You know that Backlinks are important for rank your website into the search engine. This is a

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Increase WordPress Site Speed

Make Your WordPress Site Load Expeditiously – Brilliant Ways To Consider

There is no doubt that the WordPress is a fantastic platform that delivers prolific web development solutions. At the same time, it can’t be gainsaid that if not managed appropriated, it can be quite slow. If you won’t take suitable measures, there is a great likelihood that your website will become sluggish. And, this is true that no one wants to wait around for a website to load. In fact,

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protect wordpress website from hackers

11 Ways For Protect WordPress Website From Hackers

Every WordPress lover always searching for how to Protect WordPress Website From Hackers? Mind that, security is always a simple issue. A simple fault helps to be hacked your lovely site by the hackers. You will lose your blogging content and business within a few time. You can not imagine that your lovely blog may be destroyed within the next day by hackers. It takes a lot of time for arranging our

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