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Master Block allows you to organize Content in your Gutenberg Editor

Advanced Headline

The headline is the first element of a webpage. It catches readers attention and ensures that readers read the next part of the content.

The headline is the element that conveys the first impression of a webpage and the first impression is the last impression. That’s why the headline is the most important element of a webpage.

Advanced Headline for Gutenberg
Gutenberg Accordion block


Accordion is a crucial element for creating pages and posts. In fact, it is one of the most used elements. It helps to display more content in a tight place.

In addition, it helps greatly to organize content in sections. Moreover, it is a great element in terms of content navigation.


Alert is an important element of a webpage. It helps to create important messages within the content. It conveys important messages to the visitors.

Alert comes in handy for creating a sense of urgency. It is great for displaying important notices, special offers, milestones, etc.

Gutenberg Alert Block
Blockquote for Gutenberg


Quote is an important element in the content. It helps to display personal quotes, reviews, and testimonials. Also, it helps to display quotes from academics, professionals, and experts.

It is great for grabbing readers' attention for a particular part of the content. Moreover, it boosts content credibility. 

Heading & Sub Heading

Heading and sub heading are the two most important elements of content. Heading and sub heading are used to structure content.

It helps to improve readability as it breakdown long block text and makes it easy to understand for readers. Moreover, it boosts engagement, accessibility, SEO, etc.

Heading & Sub Heading block

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