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Creative Block

We come up with some creative Gutenberg block for your Website.

Author Box

The author box is a section of a website or blog post that display information about the author. The author box includes the author’s name, social media profiles, website links, image, short bio, etc.

The author bio is great for building trust with readers. In addition, it helps to improve SEO ranking. Moreover, the author box helps to improve personal branding and visibility.

Author bio description block
Gutenberg Card Block


A card block is used to present information or content in a compact and visually appealing manner. Card block helps to improve user experience, engagement, content visibility, and flexibility.

The card block is great for showcasing products, services, or other items and can be customized with various design options such as background color, text color, and border-radius.

Feature Grid

Feature grid displays multiple features in a grid format. It can be used to showcase the features of a product or service.

It helps to organize product/service features. In addition, it boosts customer engagement with the product/service. Moreover, it helps to increase conversion and sales.

Feature Grid block for Gutenberg

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