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Image & Media Block

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Image & Content

Nobody loves walls of text. That’s why the image is so vital for web content. Text combined with images makes content more engaging.

Image and Content block helps to display image alongside text. The Image and Content block is useful for creating image-rich content such as product displays, service descriptions, or promotional materials.

Image & Content block
Gutenberg Logo Slider block

Logo Slider

The logo slider displays a series of logos or brand images. It helps to display partnerships, clients, or sponsors.

Logo sliders come in handy for displaying a lot of logos in a small place. Moreover, it helps to build business credibility.

Hero Image

A hero image is a large, eye-catching image that is prominently displayed on a website, typically as the first thing a visitor sees when they land on a page.

The hero image is usually the centrepiece of a website's design and is meant to capture the visitor's attention, provide visual interest, and convey the overall message or purpose of the site.

Gutenberg Hero Block

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