January 5, 2021

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Best Duplicate Page and Post WordPress Plugin That Saves Time

Introducing some best duplicate page and post wordpress plugin. These will help you to duplicate your existing page, post in a new draft. Then you able to change the content and images on your needs.

Have you ever go through such a condition when you need to alter a particular page by preserving the content? Fortunately, you have quite a simple path to execute it. Thinking of just an easy copy and paste and keep it someplace else? Yet, this method may help you find your text content anywhere else. But, does that copied text really keep any significance on a page template, SEO optimization, featured image, and other factors?

The answer should be negative anyway. Therefore, today in this era of WordPress revolution, you must know how to duplicate pages and posts in WordPress with no hassle.

As you know, there is no inbuilt duplicate button in WordPress. So, how to do the trick? If you are thinking of a solution by performing this mission manually, then you are completely out of the track. Because, the manual process greatly time-consuming as well as it needs a lot more effort too.

That is why today I'm here to let you know what's the simplest strategy to clone pages in WordPress within one or two clicks! Keep reading until the end if you want to know the whole procedure.

When do You need to Duplicate a Page?

As you need to copy a page in WordPress, then when and does it happen really?

It Happens ...

  • When you want to develop many pages with the same format.
  • When you are dealing with a client’s website and don’t prefer to put things out of order.
  • When you want to make a blog posts series with a same design.
  • When you want to create particular modifications in the content except editing the main edition.

Plugins List for Page and Post Duplication

It's time to go through some popular Plugins that will help you to duplicate your page, post, and post types.

Duplicator by WP Adminify

WP Adminify is a nice plugin which helps you to simply and rapidly clone posts, pages , custom post. Once you have customized the plugin, all the posts will be cloned with “Draft” status by default. Luckily, it is very minimal to use. All you need to do is just click on a posts, pages , custom post in the edit screen and then choose ‘Duplicate’ to make a duplicate post.

Let's know now how to configure the WP Adminify Plugin.

  • Go to Plugins and click Add New.
  • Type writing "WP Adminify" in Search box or hover your mouse over a tag link below the screen.
  • Get to the Quick Post Duplicator Plugin from the directory.
  • Press Install option to install the WordPress Plugin right now.

Plus, if you want to install WP Adminify manually, then follow the below steps:

  • Download the WordPress Plugin to your PC.
  • Provided that you have downloaded a zip file, then extract the Plugin folder to your computer.
  • Upload the Plugin folder to the wp-content/plugins folder in your WP list online with your FTP program.
  • Get into Plugins screen and pick the Easy Post Duplicator Plugin from the directory.
  • Press the Activate button to activate it.

Duplicate Post Plugin

Duplicate Post is a great plugin which is very easy to use. Especially, this plugin is like a piece of cake for newbies to duplicate their pages and posts in a WordPress site. Most importantly, Duplicate Post Plugin is not only for cloning. It also let you play around with various customization options.

In addition, one might add a pre-defined prefix or suffix next to the title of the duplicated page in order to make the difference enabled. Furthermore, you will also br able to limit the plugin’s features relying on the user roles

Customization Setting:

First of all, Duplicate Post Plugin is a highly customizable plugin. The plugin supports posts and pages by default. It is very easy to set up its settings. All you need to do is just configure the Duplicate Post plugin by going to Settings » Duplicate Post page.

There are three tabs for settings page. At the beginning, You will get “What to Copy” tab which enables you to choose what you want to copy for cloning. In this way, you will be able to fix things that you need to copy as well as uncheck items that you don’t need copy.

Then, dive into the permissions tab. Duplicate Post enables you with user role administrator or editor to build duplicate posts by default. Plus, it lets you to clone post outline for the post types “posts” as well as “pages”. Again, if there is any custom post types on your site, this post types will come out there as well. And if you like to allow clone post feature for those post types, you can do it easily also.

Last of all, hover your mouse over the tab display to select where you prefer to show the duplicate post links. However, Duplicate Post Plugin displays the duplicate post links on the post list, edit screen, and admin bar by default. Now, here you go! Just save every changes that you made by clicking on the Save Changes button to save your settings.

Advantages of Duplicate Post Plugin:

  • Simple to use.
  • Capable of duplicating custom fields.
  • Nicely compatible with major website builders.

Some Drawbacks of Duplicate Post Plugin:

  • Can’t work with old versions.
  • Specific setups is needed to work sharply.

Duplicate Page and Post Plugin

Duplicate Page and Post plugin comes with some great features which helps you to work out how to copy a page in WordPress. All you need to do is just press a click and thus you can duplicate your page however you want. For example, you can custom the post and save the posts as drafts. Though, this plugin might not provide many comprehensive features. Still, this plugin is relatively lightweight and rapid comparing with others.

Customization Setting:

You can set the Duplicate Page and Post plugin by just getting into Settings » Duplicate Post page.

Choose the editor that you're manipulating. Then, post status that you like to select for your duplicate post.

Advantages of Duplicate Page and Post plugin:

  • Lightweight and Rapid.
  • Nicely compatible with Gutenberg.
  • Option to include post suffix.

Drawbacks of Duplicate Page and Post plugin:

  • Interface is little complicated.
  • Features are restricted.

Post Duplicate Plugin

The next plugin comes in our directory is Post Duplicate Plugin. This is a very handy option that will let you make perfect duplicates of the posts and pages. Plus, you can also clone the custom post along with custom fields and taxonomies as you want it.

Customization Setting for Post Duplicator:

Go to Tools » Post Duplicator to set the Post Duplicator plugin in your way. Then, you have to choose post status and post type. Thus, the configuration is done as you need to customize for the duplicate post.

Advantages of Post Duplicate Plugin:

  • Works nicely like a breeze.
  • Simplest settings.
  • Add custom post type.

Drawbacks of Post Duplicate Plugin:

  • Can't duplicate comments.
  • Doesn't come with adequate guidance.

Duplicate Page Plugin

The next option that you have in the basket is Duplicate Page Plugin. This plugin can easily clone Posts, Pages and Custom Posts with just a single click. Most importantly, one can clone the pages, posts and custom post at once just by clicking a single press. And as soon as you make the change, it is saved as the place you want. For example, it saves as draft, private, public, pending and etc. What's more, Duplicate Page comes with a bundle of excellent features in both Pro and Free versions.

Let's talk about its Pro version. At the beginning it allows User Roles to access Duplicate Page. Besides, there is Post Types option where you can filter to display Duplicate Page link in post types. In addition, you will get the option to display clone link, status as well. Another important thing we should let you know that there is an automatic redirection option. It will be redirected after a click on clone link. Moreover, if you want to add a clone link title, you have this chance too. Plus, there are Post Prefix and Post Suffix option to add Post Prefix and Post Suffix. However, this is not all I’ve said. You are going to get many more Filters and Features with the Editor option.

Let's know how to configure Duplicate Page Plugin.

First of all, you have to activate the Plugin. Get into Select option to Duplicate Page settings from Settings Menu Tab and finalize savings settings.

As this is done, make New Post/Page or Use old. Then, as soon as you click on duplicate this link, you will be able to create the duplicate post/ page. Last of all, you just need to save it as draft, publish, pending, private relying on settings.

Major features and advantages that you will get in Duplicate Page PRO version

  • User Roles available that give access to Duplicate Page.
  • Post Types can filter to show Duplicate Page link in post types.
  • Clone Link Location.
  • Duplicate Posts Status section.
  • Can Redirect after click on clone link.
  • Can Add a Clone Link Title.
  • Can Add Post Prefix and Post Suffix.
  • Offers Numerous Filters and Features.

Minimum required classifications for Duplicate Page:

  • WordPress 3.3+
  • PHP 5.x
  • MySQL 5.x

Page and Post Clone

If you are searching for a convenient plugin that will help you to make an exact clone copy of a selected post, then the Post Duplicator plugin can be a handy pick for you. Among its huge functionalities, you will get here the Custom post types are supported. In addition to custom post types there are custom taxonomies and custom fields as well.

That is to say, this is one excellent plugin to support you with its quick and easy duplicity. Another important thing about this plugin is that it is very easy and simple to customize. All you need to do is juts click over a post in the edit screen and choose ‘Duplicate {post_type}’ to make a duplicate post.

Now, it’s time to listen to the creator of the mighty plugin Post Duplicator.

He tells...

Thinking of SEO While Cloning a Page or Post:

One important thing about duplicated content is, while two WordPress copy page URLs can entry the similar content, this occurrence may harshly hamper your on-page Search Engine Optimization. That is, while one has only duplicated a page on a blog and changed the URL a little, in such way as:


Yet, there might not be seen considerable variation between the two URLs. But, these two links might perplex Google that which content to bring on for the search result.

What's more, while two pages consists of the very similar things like:

  • Meta descriptions
  • Titles
  • Keywords
  • Tags
  • Categories

If it happens, things might be tough for Google to rank your page. That is why, you have to correct such kind of duplicated contents. And if your page comes with several copies of another page, how much does it impact on?

Provided that the Google filters flimsy content, it can display untrue information to your site visitors. Again, your website might be sentenced even.

What's more, your site visitors might throw out you and prefer other similar contents since you couldn’t provide appropriate information. Readers now can ask me, how can we get rid from this occurrence?

Thus, you will be able to hold the layout and design similar, but you have to:

  • Confirm that you are putting canonical URLs to notify the search engines which link they are to categorize.
  • Put in suffix or prefix in the duplicated URL.
  • Alter the content on the page.
  • Change tags, keywords, and obviously meta description along with other factors.
  • Therefore, you must have to keep SEO in mind while duplicating pages and posts in WordPress.

Thanks for reaching this far!

This is all about the Hacks of Duplicating Pages and Posts in WordPress!

As it is the end of this article, I don't want to talk anymore about the issue. I have tried my best to give you a sharp idea on how to duplicate pages and posts in WordPress. Now, it's your turn to set a goal and go with our given procedure. Hoping that you will perform great for creating a WordPress duplicate page with a plugin.

And if there's anything more to know or any hassle while doing this, please let us know what problems you face. We will be right back soon to you in the comments section below.

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