WordPress or Squarespace

Which is more SEO friendly, WordPress or Squarespace?

The Business owner is seeking for SEO. They always want the best result for their Website.  It's known to all that WordPress is used by many popular branding Website. It's very hard to answer which is more SEO Friendly between WordPress and Squarespace. In other words, in terms of SEO, Squarespace is your Apple and WordPress is Android. Let me explain this question in details and you will get a clear idea. Do

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Unable to Create Directory on its Parent Directory Writable by the Server

Unable to create Directory uploads on WordPress Website

This is a common problem, Unable to create Directory uploads on WordPress Website. I've got a clients requirement that he can't Upload files WordPress Website. Sometimes a simple problem isn't just a can be done type. It has been taken two days for me to find the actual solution for myself. My clients main problem was WordPress Image Path for "unable to create directory wp-content/uploads". There will be many reasons for

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Bootstrap Dropdown navwalker

Activate Parent Item Link on Twitter Bootstrap Dropdown navwalker

Hi Folks, it's being long time i've started writing again. From now I will try to write regularly with Solutions of Problems. Today I'm writing about Activate and Hover on Parent Items of Bootstrap's Dropdown Navwalker Class. The solution is very easy but nowhere addressed clearly. That's why I'm writing this Tuts. Hopefully it will help you. Few days ago Our latest WordPress Theme Foody – Responsive Food, Recipe Restaurant/Cafe

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Most Popular WordPress Frameworks

Most Popular WordPress Frameworks 2017

If you are developing themes for WordPress, chances are you’ve come across a framework at least once in your search for tools, resources and general information regarding WordPress development. Here we comes with Most Popular WordPress Frameworks list. Using a wireframe can make developing a theme faster, easier and more fun, provided that the framework is following the latest trends and techniques. By incorporating an underlying infrastructure to your development

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Basic WordPress SEO

Basic WordPress SEO For Website Developers

Many newbie WordPress Developers & Entrepreneurs struggle with SEO. When you read a normal SEO blog, you are overwhelmed with the information. Here is a full proof guide for Basic WordPress SEO. All you ask yourself is “This stuff is amazing, but how do I get started?” There are two aspects of SEO. They are: On-Site SEO Off-Site SEO To define these: All the forms of link building is considered as

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WordPress Calypso Project

Why WordPress Calypso Project Is The Future of WordPress?

The current year seems to be pretty exciting for WordPress as it saw the launch of the long-awaited WordPress Calypso project. Calypso, being the latest WordPress interface, is getting very much popular among the developers for obvious reasons. The Future WordPress is going to depand on Calypso. This new interface has been introduced with a lot of improvements for the users, particularly in the REST API. In order to get

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Design Perfect Product Page

Design Perfect Product Page For E commerce / Shop Website

Since the first website was launched in August 1991, over a billion websites in the world followed suit according to the Internet Live Stats, and the number is constantly growing. What matters is what are the ingredients of an eCommerce website with great conversion and low bounce rates. The majority of experts agree that the factor distinguishing strong, high-performing eCommerce websites from their weaker competitors is properly designed product pages.

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10 Facts Why WordPress is a Better CMS Than Drupal ?

The importance of having a successful website should be well-known especially if you are marketing your business online. In the technological era of advancement, relying on a Content Management System (CMS) turns out to be a wise decision because these platforms are featured with advanced functionalities to attract the online consumers. Out of so many effective CMS platforms, the two major ones used these days are WordPress and Drupal but

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Design High Quality Websites

10 Must Have Tips Help You To Design High Quality Websites

A well-established online business demands standing out with a unique image from its competitors and to make this possible, businesses need to invest in creating a great website. A great website is not only about a well-written content or impressive images but it is beyond all these elements. Read this Web Design Tips to  Design High Quality Websites. There are multiple factors which business owners should take into account before

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